“The Sanskrit word ‘Gau’ can mean both rays of the sun and earth. The cows act as a mediator for transferring the seven colours and minerals from the sun’s rays and transmit them into our world, thereby charging our atmosphere with good energy. The essence of all its goodness is reaped by us in the form of milk and its products, dung and urine. This is the reason behind connecting the cows with everything holy or divine.”

The Goushala

The goshala is being maintained by ‘Sri Vijayawada Gosamrakshana Sangham‘ that was established about 90 years ago. The facility at Kotturu Tadepalli is running since 2002. It is built on 20 acres of land and shelters more than 600 cows of which around 450 are Indian breeds. A nearby region is used to grow a special variety of grass, specifically for these cows. This special fodder helps in maintaining the general health of the cows and also improves the milk yield.

The Cows

The cows that are sheltered and maintained at Sree vijayawada gosamrakshan Goshala are quite special. These cows are the descendants of the cows grazed by Sri Krishna Himself. The breeds of cows currently at Sree Vijayawada gosamrakshan Goshala are predominantly the Indian varieties. This Indian breed’s milk, dung and urine is considered and proven to cure a host of diseases. To protect this dying breed that cannot be found anywhere other than India, the Indian cows are bred only with Indian bulls. Each cow has also been proven to emit a positive aura for 10m around itself.

The Infrastructure

The cows at Sree Vijayawada Gosamrakshan Goshala are given utmost attention and are maintained according to the directions of care prescribed in the Puranas and Dharma Shastras. The infrastructure of Sree Vijayawada Gosamrakshan Goshala is built with the required sophistication, keeping the comfort and hygiene of the cows as the primary priority. It is specially equipped with fully functional fans and water sprinklers to maintain the most comfortable temperature even during a hot and humid climate. Veterinary doctors are made available 24/7 with in the premises to ensure the wellness of all cows.

The Workers

The workers look upon this work as a seva and perform their duties with sincere commitment and devotion. Their day starts early, after their prayers to the cows. The Goshala is kept so clean that one can sit down and eat there. After a tiring day, they perform bhajans at the Goshala and end their day’s duties. They do not do this for any commercial purpose or because someone tells them to. This is done out of their devotion towards the cows.